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Project Description
Small open source application allowing you to convert any file to self-deleting executable file. You have a picture, audio file or a document you want to share, but don't want anyone to keep a copy? Simply create a self-deleting package using DeleteAfterRunning that can be opened once, and when the user finished viewing the file, it will automatically destroys itself, preventing making a copy.

Here's how it works:
  1. You select a file from your computer. Can be any file - picture, document, video, you name it.
  2. Use DeleteAfterRunning to create an executable (*.exe) file.
  3. Share your file.
  4. Once a user opens the file, it will run as any ordinary file.
  5. After a user closes the file, it will automatically securely deletes itself preventing making any copies or running it again.

Additional Information

Software is open-source (released under MIT license), fast and lightweight. No installation needed. Just download and run. Currently in Beta development stage. More information

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